Say It In Llama

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I just had to share this with everyone.



It’s so silly. Go to this website, type a phrase, and your text will be displayed in a typeface made from llamas. “Need to send a harsh message to a loved one? Helvetica is cold. Say it in llama.” Why? Because llamas make everything better.

Update: Clicking “save” for your text results in offers to download a file that I didn’t understand–if you want to save your llama words, my suggestion is to take a screen shot of your text and then share that image however you like.

Have fun ūüėÄ Xx


Snow Tipped Pine Cones


So I know it’s a little early for a Christmas decoration post but here in sunny South Africa we are fortunate enough¬†to enjoy our Christmas time braaing and having pool parties :). With that said, who can resist the magic of a snowy Christmas spent cuddled up by the fire place, so that is why¬†I’m planning on bringing a very tiny bit of that to my home this Christmas with these super cool and easy snow tipped pine cones. Winter has just left us so the pine¬†trees are all shedding their loveliness. We have a pine tree outside my work so I must look like a mad man running around outside collecting pine cones. But everyone needs a little insanity in their lives, right? Anyways, let’s get down to business.


  • White Paint – I just used some white fabric paint I had in the cupboard. Any kind of paint will do.
  • Old Toothbrush
  • Paintbrush – Preferably one with a smaller tip for a neater more precise finish.
  • Pine Cone

Step 1

Use your old toothbrush to scrub off all the gooey, sticky glue stuff on the tips of the pine cone. Note: this could get messy! That stuff sticks better than any kind of super glue you can find and takes days to wash off, so try your best not to touch it.

Step 2


Start painting only the tips of the pine cone. Don’t worry about being TOO neat, just try keep it to the edges as much as possible. Paint as many tips as you like till you think it looks good.

Your end result…


Merry Christmas ūüėČ



DIY Scarf Hanger


So since winter is officially upon us in good old South Africa I thought this would be a fitting project. A quick, easy and inexpensive way to organize and store your scarves. My scarves are normally such an awkward thing to pack in my cupboard, they always topple over when I stack them and end up taking up a whole shelf unnecessarily. This could just be because I have too many scarves, but what woman can have too many scarves? Or shoes? Or clothes…? ūüėČ


  • Hanger – I just found this old wooden hanger in my cupboard. I like the look and feel of this wooden one but you could use any hanger you can get your hands on. You could even take it a step further and paint it.
  • String – I just used regular string, also found it in the cupboard, but you can get this from almost¬†any local store.
  • Curtain Rings – I got these from Builders Express¬†in the curtain section for about R35 for a pack of 5. I bought 2 packs for this project.¬†They also came in a plain unpainted wood and a dark brown colour paint.

Step 1, 2 & 3


1. Take 2 rings and tie them together with string. Leave a little piece¬†of string at the short end of the knot for later.¬†When securing the first knot make sure that the rings are side by side and not overlapping. *Don’t worry if the¬†pins at the top aren’t in line, you¬†can adjust that later.

2. Cut quite a long piece of string from the roll so that you can wrap it around the 2 rings about 5 or 6 times. *I didn’t wrap each ring the same amount of times, as long as it hold. Once wrapped, tie both ends of the string together with¬†1 or¬†2 knots.

3. Cut off any excess string. *You can add a dab of super glue to the knot to make sure that it will hold. Repeat this until the one pack of 5 is all tied up. Now you can straighten them so that all the pins are lined up at the top.

Step 4


4. Now fasten the rings to the hanger with some string through the pins. You can also dab a bit of super glue on each of these knots. Now your first row of rings is complete.

Step 5

Repeat steps 1, 2 & 3 with the next pack of 5 curtain rings.

Step 6

Repeat step 4, but tie the second row of rings to the first.



Its done! Now I can sleep better at night knowing my scarves are all neat and tidy hanging in my cupboard. I suggest you do the same ūüėČ


Free Box Template Site

Hey guys

So I know I have been the worst blogger for the last couple of months, but I have been super busy with work and organizing my sister’s wedding, so if ever there was a good excuse I think this is it ūüėČ

I just had to quickly share this most amazing site that I found: Free Template Maker. This is like every crafters dream! It gives you templates for boxes and envelopes, any shape and size you need. All you have to do is type in the size you need the box/envelope to be and it generates a template for you that you can easily download. You can then edit it in your program to add¬†your¬†personal touch to it.¬†Amazing and super useful for people like us ūüėČ


Box Template

Enjoy Xx

Timmy Behr Fair


I am going to be selling a few of my goodies at this fair on Saturday at Sunnyridge Primary School, and that’s not even the best part! This fair is being held to raise money to save a little boy’s life.

Please come through and support the cause.

Hope to see you guys there!


Washi Tape & Bakers Twine

Finally I have found the much sought after Washi Tape & Bakers Twine. This is a major milestone in my world of Craft & Create.


I searched high and low for these items, so am SUPER excited to finally get to use them in my DIY projects.


Washi is a type of paper originally made in Japan and is normally a lot tougher than normal paper. It is made in a similar way to normal paper, but involves less chemicals and a more intricate and hands on process, making it eco-friendly for all us planet lovers. This paper is then combined with acrylic glue to create decorative Washi Tape.


Bakers Twine is a striped cotton made in various colours. It was first made in 1856 and was originally used by bakers to wrap around their cake boxes to add a special touch. Now the possibilities are endless!!!

I am proud to say that I will be selling both Washi Tape and Bakers Twine, so look out for details on my blog ūüėÄ




Tea Time

Tea Time

My other half is completely obsessed with almost any kind of tea you can imagine, so this was a really cute way for me to give him something that I knew he would love without it being ridiculously expensive. I pride myself on giving gifts from the heart. I will admit that I think I was more excited to¬† make and give him this gift than he was about receiving it, but he¬†is part of the male species so I’m not offended by this ;).

To make the Personalised Tea Bag Tags¬†you’ll need:

Tea-You'll Need

To start I chose 4 of his favourite kinds of tea.

Tea Bag Tags

Next I designed and printed these little tags. They are about 25mm x 50mm. Once they are printed¬†I simply cut them out and folded¬†them¬†in¬†half. I did discover that you should cut the straight edges first then fold it and only after it’s¬†folded should you cut the corners off to ensure that they are exactly the same. I then put a little square of thin double-sided¬†tape (usually found at scrapbooking¬†shops) on each half of the inside.

Fold Tea Bags

Then I folded the one end of the tea bag, almost the same way you wrap a present. Folding it here makes it easier to staple the piece of cotton on and it just adds that finished look.

This next part is a little tricky.

String Tea Bags

First I measured out the cotton so that it would wrap around the tea bag and have the tag hang in front and I left a little extra just in case (you can alway trim it after).

1. Ok, now I made a little loop at one end of the cotton and stapled that onto the folded end of the tea bag, making sure that both ends of the cotton are pointing upwards out of the staple, away from the tea bag.

2. Next I fed the two ends of the string through the loop.

3. I pulled the longer piece of cotton so that it was tight around staple. Then just trimmed the shorter piece so that it looks neat.

I added the personalised tag onto the end of the long piece if cotton by sticking the cotton to the double-sided tape and then folding it over so that the cotton is in between the paper tag.

Tag Tea Bags

You have yourself a personalised tea bag!

Tea Bag

But I’m not done yet.

To make the Tea Box:

Tea Box

Despite having many skills, woodwork is not one of them… yet ;). I got this perfect wooden box¬†from PNA in Greenstone. I then painted it with some paints I already had. The brown is a sample wall paint and the beige is actually a fabric paint. I did a few coats of the brown to get a solid covering.

To get the word ‘tea’ on there I downloaded a cool Chinese-looking font¬†since all the teas I used are Chinese. *I downloaded the font from FONTSPACE, my favourite site to get fonts from. There are millions to choose from and they are all free!

I then found a spare piece of vinyl lying around the office and did a cut-out of the word on the cutting machine (I will be ever grateful to PRINT DESIGN STUDIO for all the cool things I can do here), and used it as a stencil to paint it on. So if anyone ever needs any of these little cut-outs let me know, they aren’t expensive.

And finally its done! A cute box full of personalised tea bags. The perfect gift for a tea lover.

Did you know: All the teas I used actually come from the same plant. They are just processed differently, like roasted, steamed or fried, to get their different properties and tastes. Cool hey? (Interesting fact courtesy of Mr Byron Dance, my other half ;))